Why Rights Matter

This e-course presents a general introduction to legal terminology in documentary film material and to the rights associated with producing and distributing films. It also provides an insight into the understanding and definition of archival footage and citizen journalist materials.

Designed to challenge and expand the knowledge of documentary producers, rights-holders, directors who produce their own films, exhibitors, curators, archivists and other doc video activists and researchers, this e-course allows 6 to 10 participants to get first-hand experience provided by instructors. It aims to enable them to pursue the development of their career and knowledge and even potentially benefit from joining a study tour in Germany where they can consolidate their newly acquired skills and knowledge.

Main Mentors: Benjamin Cölle, Edda Baumann-von Broen

This e-course is currently not on offer.


Why Rights Matter? | First Cycle 

Ahmed Hamed : Journalist, Documentary filmmaker – Egypt

Ahmed Nabil : Director – Egypt

Dawoud Ali : News editor at Al Jazeera – Egypt

Karima Zoubir : Producer and Director – Morocco

Sarah Lamrini : Producer and Director – Morocco

Why Rights Matter? | Second Cycle 

Adeeb Hadi : Producer  – Iraq

Intissar Jbiha : Producer  – Morocco

Mina Hanyane : Director – Morocco

Mohamed Msahal : Director – Morocco

Nahla El Nemr : Director  – Egypt

Rafik Omrani : Director – Tunisia

Why Rights Matter? | Third Cycle 

Ahmad Rajab: Visual artist, Producer, project manager at a cinema - Egypt

Amany Ghanem: Screen & Contenteditor, Director - Egypt

Dina Naser: Producer & Director, photographer - Jordan

Mayye Zayed: Producer & Director - Egypt