Mai El Gammal

Senior Coordinator

Mai manages support programs in DOX BOX including the Residency. She’s been part of our team since 2015. She sets up collaborations and manages grants and allocation of resources for associated activities. 

Jihan El Tahri

artisitc director

Jihan El Tahri is an Egyptian director, producer and visual artist. She currently serves as Artistic Director of the Berlin based documentary support institution DOX BOX. A member of the Academy (Oscars) and mentor of documentary filmmaking in Europe and Africa, she also served on the boards of Pan-African film organisations. Her Visual Arts exhibitions have traveled worldwide.

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Most frequent questions and answers

DOX Garage offers a tool box for filmmakers to disentangle common structural problems faced during the making of their films. This comes in the form of a one-time virtual consultancy with an expert in the area of the problem. Its purpose is to answer your questions regarding the predicament you are facing.

Please note that DOX Garage is not an implementation support. It is solely a consultancy.

While the artistic output of the submitted projects lie at the heart of DOX Garage, the consultancy itself aims to address more structural problems faced by the filmmakers, such as dealing with rights holders, legal issues and relationships management.

In DOX Garage, we would connect you to an expert in this specific subject of archive to consult with on where to start your research and what to keep in consideration while doing so. 

Yes. DOX Garage is designed to answer such precise questions you might have and clearly explain to you terminology you might be facing within such legal contexts. 

Within the context of DOX Garage, you would be connected to an expert who is able to advise you and explain to you how to bypass such obstacles. Please keep in mind that it is a one-time consultancy. 

  • < Dealing with archives, archival material, and rights holders.
  • > Building relationships with a protagonist and gaining access to a community.
  • < Psychological and emotional attachments with the project.
  • > Legal matters regarding contracts, licenses, shooting permits, etc.
  • < Complicated co-production issues to resolve, such as relationships, transparency and rights.
  • > Co-production agreements and distribution deals.