DOX Garage

Documentary projects often face a crossroads at three critical moments: treatment writing, end of the shooting period and the rough cut stage, where many a good film faces the risk of collapsing. Often, it only takes simple tools and the right instruments to disentangle common predicaments. This program is devised to provide tailor-made consultancies or hands-on mediation addressing the obstacles identified as blocking the film and thus facilitate the eventual finalization of the project. The aim is to creatively think on overcoming the identified obstacles which hinder the advancement of the film project.

The program is an extension of DOX BOX’s efforts to support documentary filmmakers and producers. It allows filmmakers, in all levels of professionality, access to the opinions and expertise of seasoned industry professionals regarding specific predicaments faced by them within their projects.

Identifying very specifically the obstacles and problems obstructing the completion of the film is an essential starting point to accessing this program. This program is not a story development lab but rather a toolkit to ensure that the film project survives the many challenges it encounters during its development.

  • According to the needed area of support, industry experts and consultants provided 2 hours of consultancy per chosen project.
  • The consultancy was done virtually over zoom , or physically if the grantee and the consultant are in the same city.
  • All grantees received a DOX BOX Community membership.

As the organization redefines its focus for the period 2025-2028, DOX GARAGE activities are currently on hiatus in 2024.

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