Women must be everywhere. They must be in the images, behind the camera, in the editing room and involved in every stage of the making of a film. They must be the ones to talk about their problems.

—Sarah Maldoror

All of us, all of us who come from the world of women in the shadows, are reversing the process: at last it is we who are looking, we who are making a beginning. 

– Assia Djebar

Launched in 2020, Mouatheqat has operated as a nine month fellowship incubator for female professionals to acquire and exchange the necessary skills to write, research, direct, produce and edit a documentary film. Its main focus lies in the exploration of and experimentation with different forms of storytelling emanating from individual perspectives, reflecting the filmmakers own voices and experiences. Through an interconnected series of modules implemented online and offline between Berlin and the African/Arab region, the program guides the fellows through a holistic filmmaking process from the idea to the delivery of a documentary film. Mouatheqat is designed to connect and cross-pollinate intergenerational, interdisciplinary and intercultural imaginaries of women who are keen on transmitting their voices to a worldwide audience.

Storytelling is a formidable tool and factual narratives such as documentaries are the bedrock for constructing a vision for the future. Visual culture has become the main vehicle of cultural transmission, yet it is subject to a vast marginalisation of diverse female voices with immeasurable implications. Mouatheqat’s objective is to contribute to a radical transformation of the existing audiovisual space through an interconnected community of women documentary film professionals: Women in Dox.

The fellowship is offered to six motivated women from various professional backgrounds: We encourage the application of directors, producers, cinematographers, researchers, editors, sound engineers and other creatives of the profession who are inspired by collective practice and the desire to tell their stories through documentary film. The fellowship is open to all levels of professional experiences. Mouatheqat is a tuition-free program targeting six different countries for each cycle.

Implemented with a strong network of national, regional and international creative, cultural and civil society organisations, film festivals and markets in Europe and the Arab/African region, the fellowship aims to connect the fellows to the international industry, creating hubs of exchange to interconnect the creative sectors of the Africa/Arab region and of Europe. The program is designed and conducted with the support of a wide network of internationally recognised film professionals associated with DOX BOX.

As the organization redefines its focus for the period 2025-2028, Mouatheqat activities are currently on hiatus in 2024.

2022 cohort consists of Aya Albargathy, Yasmine Bahechar, Asmahan Bkerat, Aïssata Dème, Khadidja Markemal and Nastassia Nasser.

2021 cohort consists of Salimata Bâ, Yosra El-Gazzar, Rim Harrabi and Rua Osman.

Fellows: Women in DOX/Mouatheqat 2022

Fellows: Women in DOX/Mouatheqat 2021

Mouatheqat 2021 Films


Directed by Salimata Bâ, Yosra El-Gazzar, Rim Harrabi, Rua Osman

A poetic essay that traces the political and social transformations of Tunis through the memory of its abandoned spaces. A young female narrator’s encounter with a building inhabited entirely by books unfolds into a journey tracing the political and social changes of the city, questioning the nature of memory and its transmission. 

Germany, Tunisia


Directed by Salimata Bâ, Yosra El-Gazzar, Rim Harrabi, Rua Osman 

In the popular neighborhood of Bousalsela, a small bookshop acts as a meeting point for left-wing activists of Tunisia’s former Perspectives movement. Hmaeid and his friends spent a lifetime of activism against Tunisia’s post-indepenence dictatorship regimes. The film dives into the story of three friends and their  time as political prisoners in the 60s and 70s, juxtaposed against the political situation of Tunisia today, and the continuation of a dream of a better future

Germany, Tunisia 

Mouatheqat Moments

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