Doc Free Zone

This e-course offers film teams a safe and professional space, and a program in which they can reexamine the filmmaking process, diagnose, address and confront the main issues encountered by getting one-on-one consultancy by experts in the field. It offers inspiration and knowledge that allows to tap into the practical advancement of their film projects.

Seasoned filmmakers, producers and directors help participating teams overcome limitations and challenges they might while developing their film projects. The program of the e-course is designed to offer each team the necessary space and consultancy to advance their creative and visual treatment, to tackle issues with team dynamics and push their production status forward. In addition, particular attention is given to questions of storytelling, research in the development phase, treatment and synopsis writing, challenges within the team, important aspects of budgets and financing plans, and visual material.

Lead Mentor: Raed Andoni

Guest Mentors:

  • Rasha Salti
  • Palmyre Badinier
  • Sara Ishaq

Previous Participants:

  • Al Baqr Gaafar: Director - Iraq
  • Hind Bakr: Director - Egypt
  • Laila Abbas: Producer - Palestine
  • Mayye Zayed: Director & Producer - Egypt
  • Salim Abu Jabal: Director - Palestine
  • Zeina Sfeir: Director - Lebanon

This e-course is not currently being offered.

"DOX BOX e-course gave me the chance to explore my project through the eyes of mentors and professionals, and with the other participants. It was a useful platform for my project, especially being able to discuss and work in detail through the meeting room without traveling. The e-course helped me to bring the project from the development stage through to production."