What is DOX BOX?

DOX BOX is a nonprofit institution for support and training in documentary filmmaking. Based in Berlin since 2014, with one foot in Europe and the other in the Arab/African region, we propose carefully designed programs targeting diversity, skills transfer and alternative visual perspectives. Our mission is to support distinct and singular voices from the region to ensure that a vibrant, evergrowing and inclusive space for documentary filmmaking continues to thrive.

Our Team

Jihan El Tahri


Jihan El Tahri is an Egyptian director, producer and visual artist. She currently serves as artistic director of the Berlin based documentary support institution DOX BOX. A member of the Academy (Oscars) and mentor of documentary filmmaking in Europe and Africa, she also served on the boards of Pan-African film organisations. Her Visual Arts exhibitions have traveled worldwide.

Laura Kloeckner

program manager

Laura Kloeckner joined DOX BOX in 2020 and leads the program Women in Dox. She works as a curator and cultural producer and is part of the Berlin-based art space SAVVY Contemporary – The Laboratory of Form-Ideas

Mai El Gammal

Programs Coordinator

Mai manages support programs in DOX BOX including the Residency. She’s been part of our team since 2015. She sets up collaborations and manages grants and allocation of resources for associated activities. 



Dragan Gužvica

Finanicial Director

Prior to joining DOX BOX, Dragan was working in the finance departments of different Start-Ups and listed companies in Berlin and Manila for more than 7 years. He gained extensive knowledge in the field of international taxation and reporting. Most importantly, he supported the exit of the Lamudi group in his role as Global Head of Finance. Dragan holds a masters in Finance, Accounting, Tax and Supplements from the Free University of Berlin and speaks German, Serbian and English.

Fadia Elgharib

COmmunications coordinator

Fadia Elgharib is a trained lawyer who currently works on coordinating digital communities in the Global South.
Fadia has a masters in Arts, Media and Culture and is interested in the role of media and technology on societies.



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