Our mission is to support the emergence of a prosperous documentary film community, culture and practice in and from the Arab World while promoting the values and principles of justice, dignity, and human rights.

Activities & Schemes

In order to achieve our mission, we run several activities and non-conventional schemes. These schemes and activities range from financial support, to artistic residencies, to online e-learning, to networking events, to industry panels & events, to industry-specific research and studies and finally we run an awarding scheme and convention.

Financial Support Programs:
  • Residency Mena
  • Residency in Exile
Knowledge & Networking:
  • Community
  • Academy
  • E-learning
  • Dox in Exile
  • Get Together Events
Conventions & Awards
  • a.e. DC
  • the Amiralay
  • Impact Guide
  • Mapping Arab Docs
  • Data is Beautiful