Archive Research Program

The archival research phase consisted of an engaging theoretical component (archive experts, lecturers, academics, artists and thinkers). The 8-week phase was based on a series of lectures/ talks with screenings that were followed by discussions. The content of each session was carefully selected to cover the different aspects of archival research and methodologies for using archives. Each session concluded with screenings of archival films carefully selected to illustrate the previous session.

Throughout the first eight weeks, archival researchers and filmmakers engaged in hands-on exercises designed to impart knowledge on topics such as: alternative archival methods and practices, research methodologies, activating archival locations, sound and orality as a resource, tracking and tracing of acquisition rights.

Each week ended with the most important articulation of this phase - entitled École du soir, which offers a space for learning and questioning. The format of École du soir is a tool that DOX BOX uses in its various ongoing programs. The École du soir takes its name from a quote by Senegalese filmmaker Ousmane Sembene describing cinema as the evening school of the masses. Based on this notion of the image as a form of education, we take this concept a step further by pointing out that those who choose to enroll in an evening school are not simply spectators, they have a goal and therefore make an extra effort to achieve it.

The École du soir space during this phase of our program addressed issues such as: Archive methodology, identifying representation in the archive, Memory Vs Official Narrative, how to decolonize the archives, archives as a space for dialogue, how to reinsert the missing image, tools for contextualizing narratives and Restitution. It is in this space that filmmakers, artists, performers and researchers chose elements/images/sound/ documents and ideas with which they wanted to engage.

Speakers: Jihan El-Tahri, Alain Gomis, Ali Essafi, Omar Berrada, Ibrahima Wane, Malick Ndiaye, Felwine Sarr, Kader Attia, Lea Forestier, Sahbi Kraiem, Lea Morin, Nabil Djedouani, Elizabeth Klinck.

Participating Archive Researchers: Tabara Korka Ndiaye, Sada Kane, Ndeye Mane Toure, Fode Diakho, Ndeye Fatou Thiam, Malik Seck.

Observers: Ndiouga Diagne, Youssou Sarr.

Participating filmmakers: Hamedine Kane (Visual Artist/ Filmmaker), Ibaaku (Musician/ Filmmaker), filmmaker Maky Madiba Sylla (Musician/filmmaker).

In collaboration with RAW Material Company, Kenu- le LAB’Oratoire des Imaginaires and Centre Yennenga.