Conversation with Taoufiq Izeddiou

Followed by the performance LILA GNAWYA with Maalam Younes Hadir and Keziah Jones

"Inspired by the Moroccan Sufi ritual of the Hmadcha brotherhood, this choreography accompanies each of the seven dancers to the collective trance, the one that will allow to name the taboo, to exorcise it and to regulate the social order."

Taoufik Izeddiou, the choreographer storyteller and transmiter evoked the minefield of creation. In a global and contextualized reflection on heritage and transmission, the concept of the "mokhtabar" laboratory appears in his practice as the center towards which a theoretical and aesthetic trans-generational conversation converges, opening up the possibilities of rethinking and replaying each repetitive gesture of the trance as a single piece that embraces the whole.