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This e-course offers film teams both a safe and professional space and a program in which they can reexamine the filmmaking process and diagnose and address and confront the main issues encountered by getting one-on-one consultancy by experts of the field. It offers inspiration and knowledge that allows for tapping into the practical advancement of their film projects.


There is no possibility to apply for this e-course in 2018.


In this e-course seasoned filmmakers, producers and directors help participating teams overcome limitations and challenges they might while developing their film projects. The program of the e-course is designed to offer each team the necessary space and consultancy to advance their creative and visual treatment, to tackle issues with team dynamics and push their production status forward. In addition, particular attention is given to questions of storytelling, research in the development phase, treatment and synopsis writing, challenges within the team, important aspects of budgets and financing plans, and visual material.


This e-course is composed of 3 modules:

The Webinar: 8 online sessions consisting of 3 individual, intensive, one-on-one consultancies by the main consultant and 5 online group sessions with experts in the field. The themes explored include Story vs ThemeProduction StagesPreparation, Writing ProcessTrailers, Visual Treatments, and Budget and Financial Plans. The webinar module also includes watching and reading online material individually.

*  Sessions are planned every Monday and Wednesday at 4pm (CET time) for 2 hours.

First session on October 18th. The full duration is 5 weeks.

The Assignment: In parallel with the webinar and the one-on-one consultancies, the participating teams have each the opportunities to work on advancing their scripts, treatments, and visual material resulting in a complete and advanced file. Their updated and advanced files are reviewed by a group of experts who give constructive feedback and expert advice in a conclusive session.

*  The final feedback session is on Wednesday at 4pm (CET time) November 15th.

The Tour: a 3 to 5 day tour in an International documentary professional convention is arranged for selected teams who have reached a complete advanced development of their files and successfully attended all sessions. The tour provides accreditation for teams to be able to attend industry sessions, debates and pitching. It also allows for networking with further peers and experts in addition to getting further script andproduction consultancies.

 *  dates expected for the tour: 16-22 November.

 *  attending the tour requires a valid Schengen Visa which is the responsibility of participants.
     DOX BOX shall provide support and assistance on this matter.


Raed Andoni (lead mentor) is an award-winning Palestinian filmmaker based in Paris. His most recent film Ghost Hunting (2017) premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and won the Glashütte Original Documentary Award for best documentary film. Raed’s filmography started in 1997 when he co-founded DAR FILMS, a production company based in Ramallah, where he produced and secured wide international distribution for a number of award-winning documentaries. In 2008, he co-founded LES FILMS DE ZAYNA, a Paris-based production company.

His first feature documentary as a director, Improvisation (2006), has been well appreciated in international festivals and received the 2006 Art and Culture Award in the International Mediterranean documentary competition run by CMCA. His second feature-length film Fix Me (2010) premiered at the Sundance and Cannes film festivals and won several awards in international and Arab film festivals. It was released commercially in France in November 2010.


Guest Mentors:


  • Rasha Salti
  • Palmyre Badinier
  • Sara Ishaq 


  • Application deadline: September 4th
  • Notification of shortlisted teams: October 4th
  • Confirmation of participating teams: October 10th.
    (failure to confirm participation will result in revoking the acceptance and/or scholarship)
  • Start of the e-course: October 18th
  • Start of the tour (for selected teams): November 16th


In 2017, ORWA NYRABIA was the main mentor and facilitator assisted by Anastasia Levy.

ORWA NYRABIA is an award-winning documentary producer. 

Before dedicating his career to documentary cinema, Orwa Nyrabia studied acting in Damascus, worked as a journalist for Arab World’s leading newspapers, and in the same time as an actor. He played the main role in “La Porte du Soleil” by Yusri Nassrallah (Cannes Official Selection 2004). Orwa co-founded Proaction Film in Damascus, Syria, in 2002, and later the creative documentary film festival DOX BOX. He cofounded No Nation Films in Germany, where he continues to produce art-house documentaries. Orwa’s work as a creative producer of documentary films has been internationally awarded and highlighted by leading media outlets, including CBS 60Min, New York Times, Le Monde, among others. Recent award-winning films that he produced include Silvered Water (Cannes 2014) and Return to Homs (IDFA 2013, SUNDANCE 2014). In addition to producing, Orwa regularly serves on juries of various film funds, including the IDFA Bertha Fund, AFAC, and the Doha Film Institute Fund. Furthermore, he works as an advisor and tutor for documentary film projects for IDFA Academy, South Africa’s Encounters, Qatar’s Qumra, and the Balkan Documentary Center. Orwa is a member of the AMPAS, Deutsche Filmakademie, EDN, and IDA.



The E-Course is aimed and designed for teams ideally consisting of a director and producer currently working on a documentary film project at any stage ranging from advanced pre-production to rough-cut – teams which are struggling in advancing the production stage of their film and wishing to receive consultancy and professional feedback and advice from seasoned industry professionals.

  • Teams of a director and producer working together and applying with an attached eligible documentary film project (project eligibility criteria mentioned hereunder).
  • > Directors currently working on and applying with an attached eligible documentary film project and acting in the capacity of a producer.
  • < Previous filmmaking experience is a requirement.
  • > Nationals of the following countries: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, and Yemen. Citizens of these eligible countries who do not possess a passport (such as stateless citizens), bi-nationals, non-Arab ethnicities and/or those living temporarily outside the region are eligible and welcomed.
  • < Persons of any age over eighteen.
  • There is no prerequisite for an applicant’s proficiency in English or German.
  • To attend the full program, a filmmaker needs to be able to fully communicate in any of the following languages: Arabic, English, French, Kurdish, Tamazight.
  • > Only documentary film projects are eligible. Fiction is not accepted.
  • < Only independent productions are eligible.
  • > Documentary films of any length and sub-genre are eligible (including animadoc and hybrid docs).
  • < Documentary film projects ranging from any stage of production between pre-production and rough-cut.
  • > Complete applications requirements include a written synopsis, visual treatment, filmography of the producer and director, a financial plan and budget, as well as a written text describing the current stage of production and of challenges faced.
  • < There are no restrictions regarding the percentage of financing in place.
  • > Topics of film projects must be directly relevant to the sociopolitic reality of the filmmaker’s country and/or region, regardless if current or not.
  • < Regional and international collaborations are eligible and welcome, provided that the authorship is mainly relevant to eligible countries. (Please visit the FAQ for further details.)
    • > Projects in which DOX BOX employees and/or General Assembly members and/or this e-course mentors have a professional and/or financial stake are not eligible.
    • < Propaganda films, commercial films, and films commissioned by corporate, political and religious institutions are not eligible.
    • > DOX BOX reserves the right to solicit applications by invitation.
    • < This e-course is designed to a maximum of 4 projects/teams at a time.
    • > Teams are selected on the basis of an application process ensuring eligibility. An independent Selection Committee will assess eligible applications and review them based on the competence of the applicants and the merits of the projects.


  • DOX BOX will award a number of full scholarships (coverage of tuition fees, and coverage of the tour in Europe).
  • Scholarships are awarded upon assessment of complete attendance and participation in and completion of assignments.
  • The number of scholarships are at the discretion of the association and will depend on the available financial means.


  • Only complete applications received before the deadline will be considered.
    Application is possible in Arabic, Tamazight, Kurdish, English, French, and German.



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