A support scheme for one time only, offered to Arab documentary filmmakers who were recently forced to live outside of their countries of origin, and who are currently editing their documentary film project and have an advanced rough-cut.

RESIDENCY IN EXILE has been launched as a response to the increasing need of providing support to exiled filmmakers, it was possible thanks to the support of Ford Foundation.
Application was possible only one time in 2017.  

The support is granted in form of an editing artistic residency in Berlin, Germany.
Grantees who are strictly editorial teams (directors and editors working together) are offered the resources to edit their documentary films to completion. They are offered dramaturgical and creative support and consultancy in a safe, stimulating and understanding environment. This includes covering accommodation and costs of living in Berlin (for non-Berlin based filmmakers), as well as providing a fully-equipped professional editing studios, technical and artistic support, supervision and dramaturgic consultancy by experts.

Application cycle opened from the 3rd until the 31st of July 2017.

If after reviewing the information here and in the FAQ you have further questions, please send an email to

This program aims at empowering and supporting filmmakers in exile, defined as filmmakers who were recently forced to live outside their countries of origin.
  • They are:
      • Directors and editors working together on an eligible documentary film project are eligible.
      • of any age over eighteen,
      • of any level of professional and educational experience,
      • nationals of all Arab countries  who were recently forced to live outside of their countries of origin, particularly nationals of Algeria, Djibouti, Eritrea, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.
  • They are working on:
    • documentary film projects of any sub-genre or length. Fiction is not accepted.
    • with themes relating to reality and of social importance and relevance.
    • currently in an advanced editing stage (rough cut).
      Since this program is aimed at helping editorial teams finish their films, only developed film projects (clear treatment, structure, visual material, etc.) are considered.
    • Only independent productions are eligible.
      Propaganda films, commercial films, and films commissioned by corporate, political or religious institutions are not eligible.
  • Important notes:
    • There is no prerequisite for an applicant’s proficiency in English or German.
    • Regional and international co-productions are eligible, if the editorial team applying and topic is from the Arab countries/realities.
The selected project and team will benefit of the following form of support:
  • A duration ranging from 3-12 weeks
    • estimated by an independent Selection Committee
    • based on the length and nature of the material submitted, the level of experience of the filmmaker, the stage of editing, and the specific needs of each project.
    • DOX BOX shall determine final awards based on available allocations.
  • Professional editing facilities
    • professional editing studio
    • equipped with either AVID or Final Cut or Premier
  • Dramaturgic consultancy
    • in-depth analysis by at least one film consultant 
    • feedback screening by a group of mentors and expert from the industry.
  • Living Expenses in Berlin (for grantees residing outside Berlin)
    • Accommodation for the duration of the residency in Berlin
    • In addition to per-diem, health insurance and local transportation
    • in special cases, travel expenses will be covered.
  • Support for German visa (when necessary)
    • DOX BOX provides no guarantee that a visa shall be granted.
Grantees should expect a set of obligations and show commitment and availability.
  1. Signed agreements:
    • Grantees should enter into a binding agreement only revocable in the event of force majeure (natural disasters, war, death… etc).
    • Signed agreements should be returned within one week. In case of non-compliance, DOX BOX reserves the right to revoke the award and offer it to the next candidate.
  2. Availability
    • Grantees commit to full participation and dedication for the entire period
    • Grantees will be working on full-time basis during the residency on the awarded film.
  3. Delivery
    • Grantees are expected to complete their film edit to a picture-lock during the award period and before end of 2017 to be screened internally in DOX BOX and to its members.
  4. Evaluation
    • Grantees are required to submit an evaluation of their experience at the end.
  5. DOX BOX Rights & Credits
    • DOX BOX requires acknowledgement in the credits of the film and on all promotional materials.
    • DOX BOX reserves the right to include the finished film in the DOX BOX online Academy, the archive, and in educational workshops.
  6. NDA
    • DOX BOX may grant non-disclosure and confidentiality to participants and projects when such agreement is made and arranged with grantees.
Application to Residency in Exile is no longer possible. 
  • The online application form is available in Arabic and English. The application form can be filled out and submitted in Arabic, Tamazight, Kurdish, English, French, or German.
  • A complete application should include a link or DVD with a rough cut of maximum 3 hours that reflects the filmic style and narrative structure. (Please visit the FAQ for further details.)
  • Shooting should have been completed and all other footage are should be on hand and cleared by the time of application is made. Footage includes, but is not limited to, shooting, archive, video activist material, citizen journalist audiovisual material, diaries, sound recordings.. Etc.
  • A clear treatment reflecting the story, the background, the director’s point of view, main characters and the major editing challenges.
  • A complete application form must provide at least two references (local and regional/international) and their full contact information.
  • While filling out the online application form, it is not possible to save entries and return to the application at a later date. Therefore it is advisable to save responses to questions requiring written text statements in a separate document in advance in order to avoid losing responses in the event that the internet connection is broken or browser quits.
  • All applicants will be notified of the results of their application within six weeks of the application deadline.
  • Successful applicants (residing outside the Schengen region) will be required to apply for a visa at the German consulate in their country of residence. DOX BOX shall assist with the visa procedure but provides no warranty or guarantee that a visa will be granted.
  • In the event that a visa is not granted to a selected applicant, DOX BOX reserves the right to offer the award to the next shortlisted candidate on the waiting-list.

This page is currently under construction

This page is currently under construction