Documentary projects often face a crossroad at three critical moments: treatment writing, end of the shooting period and the rough cut stage, where many a good film faces the risk of collapsing. Often, it takes simple tools and the right instruments to disentangle common predicaments. The program is devised to provide tailor made consultancies or hands-on mediation to address the obstacles identified as blocking the film and thus facilitate the eventual finalization of projects.

The aim is to creatively think around how to unblock the obstacles identified, which hinders the advancement of the film project.

The program is an extension of DOX BOX’s efforts to support documentary filmmakers and producers. It allows filmmakers, in all levels of professionality, the access to the opinions and expertise of seasoned industry professionals regarding specific predicaments faced by them within their projects. 

Identifying very specifically the obstacles/ problems that are obstructing the completion of the film is an essential starting point to accessing this program. This program is not a story development lab but rather a toolkit to ensure that the film project survives the many challenges..

Application Cycle is now open until 1 February 2021

*DOX BOX reserves the right to request an additional Skype interview with the applicants if needed (for extra clarification)

Form Of Support

Form Of Support

Form Of Support:

  • According to the needed area of support, industry experts and consultants will be contacted to provide  2 hours of consultancy per chosen project.
  • The consultancy shall be administered virtually over Skype, Zoom or Adobe Connect
  • All chosen grantees shall receive a DOX BOX Community membership






  • Eligible Applicants (directors or producers) from the Arab/African region.
  • Must be a Documentary Project. 
  • Formats: Could be a Film (all lengths), Web series, multimedia or cross media project
  • The application should be made by the Director(s) or the Producer(s) of the project

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of support is being offered by DOX Garage? 

DOX Garage offers a tool box for filmmakers to disentangle common structural problems faced during making their films. This comes in the form of a one time virtual consultancy with an expert in the area of the problem. The purpose behind it is to answer your questions pertaining to the predicament you are facing.

Please note that DOX Garage is not an implementation support. It is solely a consultancy.


Is the DOX Garage an artistic support scheme?

While the artistic output of the submitted projects lie in the heart of the the DOX Garage, the consultancy itself would address more structural problems faced by the filmmakers. Such as dealing with rights holders, legal issues and relationships management.


I have an issue with starting the archival research of my project. Is this something DOX Garage can help me with?

In DOX Garage, we would connect you to an expert in this specific subject of archive to consult you on where to start your research and what to keep in consideration while doing so. 


I have a question regarding a co-production deal I am about to enter. Can I come forward with it to DOX Garage?

Yes. DOX Garage is designed to answer such precise questions you might have. And clear / explain to you certain terminologies you might be facing within such legal contexts. 


I am unable to clear shooting permits in the country of shooting. Can DOX Garage help me with that?

Within the context of the DOX Garage, you would be connected to an expert who is able to explain to you and consult you on how to bypass such obstacles. Please keep in mind that it is a one time consultancy. 


Examples of such predicaments include (but not limited to):

  • Consultations on dealing with archives and archival material, rights holders
  • Consultations on building relationships with a protagonist, gaining access to a community
  • Consultancies regarding psychological and emotional attachments with the project
  • Legal matters regarding contracts, licenses, shooting permits, etc.
  • Complicated co production issues to resolve: relationships, transparency and rights 
  • Consultancies regarding co-production agreements and distribution deals

Application Form

Application Form


Applications are now accepted and until 1 February 2021

Download the Application Form from 4.WINTER2021-ApplicationForm-DOXGARAGE (1).

Kindly send the filled forms to m.elgammal@dox-box.org