Hala Galal

What is the DOX BOX Community? Watch this video to find it out.

An online space where documentary film professionals from around the Arab World can share and access professional knowledge, resources, films, inspirations, and other modern functionalities.


New members, enrich our community, this is why in 2018, we are welcoming an additional 50 new members.

Before you apply, make sure to read and agree to Rules & Regulations, Code of Ethics, and visit the Frequently Asked Questions sections available on this page.


Our community is rich because of the diversity of its members and the diversity of their expertise, knowledge, specializations, ethnicities and artistic choices.

Members are documentary directors, producers, editors, cinematographers, critics, programmers, sound specialists, commissioning editors, curators and financiers to name a few.

Eligible applicants should be:

〉documentary film professionals
   who can be directors, curators, producers, editors, cinematographers, financiers, critics, commissioning editors.. etc

〉from the Arab-world
    or who are predominately involved in the film industry in the region, regardless of ethnicities

〉above 20 years of age

〉who submit a complete application
    before the deadline


Being a member of the DOX BOX Community is being a member of a tightly-knit community and family with a wide range of benefits and they include:

〉Attend Masterclasses & Tutorials
Watch online masterclasses and interviews with leading documentary film artists and experts such as Nicolas Philibert, Mark Edwards, Alan Berliner, Raed Andoni, Hind Saih, Hala Galal and many others. 

〉Watch films
Watch documentary films in your own language and free of charge. Our library has an expanding list of films with a wide spectrum of genres and from different countries, themes, and generation of directors which present a range of filmmaking techniques and styles for your inspiration and education.

〉Use the Lexicon
Enjoy utilizing the first-ever Arabic-English documentary dictionary which covers industry-based terminologies ranging from the artistic to the technical and legal use, and explore topics relating to production, directing, distribution, and more.

〉Feature your films
Feature your filmography within our docupedia.

〉Your own copy of Mapping Arab Docs
Get your own hard copies of our reports and publications, including the Mapping Arab Docs and other DOX BOX periodicals and publications.

〉Build your professional profile
Create a complete profile for yourself to allow other members from all over the Arab World to know your filmography, skills, and talent.

〉Get consultancy sessions
Register for free-of-charge consultancy session with one or more of our experienced mentors and consultants who are ready to give you advice on your film project, feedback on your rough-cut, advices on collaboration and consultancies on the career path.

〉Use the directory and calender
Access the extensive directory of festivals, funds, companies and much more which is continuously updated and linked to a calendar with automated dates. Enjoy this functionality that filters opportunities and decode all the knowledge in one dynamic place.

〉Get support for your film(s)
Apply for support programs that include technical advice, training, access to grants and funding information (access levels are determined by the Advisory Committee)

〉Participate and make your voice heard
Participate in the nomination process for the Amiralay Award

〉Take part in activities
Participate in the association’s diverse activities around the world in workshops, film and video festivals, conferences, etc.

〉Attend the Documentary Convention
Get member’s discounts if you register to attend the Documentary Convention which we organize in partnership with AFAC, Sundance, IDFA Bertha Fund and Dok Leipzig. * if fees are applicable.

〉Auto Renewal
Get automatic renewal of your annual membership without the need to remember it. Our team will send notify you once the membership fees are due.


〉to give only valid and verified information

〉to treat the membership as exclusive access and not to share the login and/or sensitive information to non-members, such as other people’s private information or any protected/copyrighted material

〉to support other members and defend their rights

〉to adhere to international copyrights of authors and films

to respect the right of privacy

〉to respect and tolerate cultural, ideological, ethnic, and gender differences

to promote and to encourage young talents and the intergenerational collaboration and helping them express themselves


Please read the entire rules and regulations before you apply.
By applying to become a member of DOX BOX community, you automatically give your consent to the Rules and Regulations and to the Code of Ethics governing all members.  Once you become a member, you are bound to them.

〉Membership Fees

Currently the membership is free of charge for the majority of members.
However, we reserve the right to implement an annual fee in the coming years, according to economic developments or structural changes in the DOX BOX administration.
Should a fee become applicable in the future, all members will receive a notification in advance.

Payment of Fees

In case a fee is applicable, it is to be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.

〉Auto renewal of membership

The membership is automatically renewed annually, unless it has been suspended or terminated.

〉Suspension of membership

Membership is suspended temporarily in the following occasions:

  • failure to pay the due fees within the time frame stated on the invoice.
  • the member breaches any of the regulations, the Portal terminologies, or the code of ethics
  • the membership has been idle for 3 months.

If the cause for suspension has been resolved, the suspension can be revoked and the membership is reactivated in this case.

〉Termination of membership

Membership is permanently terminated in the following cases:

  • if the member asks for termination of his/her membership
  • if the membership is suspended to a cause for more than a year
  • In case of death or terminal absence.
  • if the reviewing committee reaches a decision to terminate a membership based on suspension and proper investigation.


Why do I have to become an approved member in order to access the Portal?
We built the portal to host and service professionals working within documentary film field.  The membership gives access to films and documents which are copyright-protected and are not meant for public use or non-professionals.  To ensure the quality of the content and service we are able to bring to our members,  only professionals working within documentary film field are accepted as members.

Who is eligible for a membership?
Film professionals from the Arab world who are over the age of 20 can apply to become members of DOX BOX community. An eligible applicant doesn’t have the right to membership. Due to limited capacities, a selection committee will review applications and make decisions on who to grant the limited annual memberships. 

Can several people share a membership?
Membership is personal and can not be transferred.  Each member will be assigned one unique access. Their personal data is linked to their account.
Giving access to another person would result in immediate suspension of membership.

Which information do I have to provide in order to become a member?
For the selection committee to be able to weigh applications, you will be expected to provide standard personal information such as name, country of residence and further information with regards to your career, profession and specialization. Please refer to the application form for the necessary information.

Can I re-apply if my application was rejected?
You can re-apply for a membership if you meet the eligibility and regulations during the next application period. Please get in touch with us via the contact form if you require further clarification.

Am I automatically eligible for all benefits if I become a member?
Members have access to all published online resources on the community portal. In the case of events and support programs or other special programs which have specific and individual requirements or that might be limited to a certain number of participants, a member needs to apply through an application process. These information will be clearly announced.

For how long is the membership valid?
Memberships are annual and have to be renewed.

Who approves the membership and how long does the application process take?
A selection committee shall be assembled to review all applications. DOX BOX reserves the right to invite or accept additional members.

How much is the individual annual membership fee?
Currently the membership is free.
Please be advised that we reserve the right to implement a fee in the coming years.
Should a fee be applicable, it will be announced in advance and current members are not obligated to pay a fee if they choose to terminate their membership.

How can I pay for my membership?
Fees, if applicable, should be paid as instructed within 30 days.
Further details will be sent via email after completing the application process.

How can I cancel the membership?
You can cancel the membership at any time by contacting the community moderator directly who will arrange for the proper process.