Support Schemes

Non conventional support schemes tailored to the needs of the Arab-world documentary film professionals.  

DOX BOX offers non conventional support schemes and programs designed to fit the needs of the documentary film professionals around the Arab World. 

Some of the schemes are of financial support nature such as the Residency and Consultancies, and others are more of educational nature. However, all schemes have a combination of economic empowerment, knowledge and access offers, networking, collaboration.

Each of the schemes are offered for limited amount of time and for specific area of speciality and experience level.  

Community Membership

Apply Now / deadline 20 Feb 2018

annual membership aimed at documentary film professionals within the Arab-world with a wide range of benefits  .. 


For community members only.

a service dedicated to members in the form of periodical consultancy and advice on film projects, career perspective  .. 


Application is no longer possible.

An editing artistic residency in Berlin hosting film editorial team at the rough-cut stage of their film’s edit…  …


Application is no longer possible.

a number of online courses focusing on specific knowledge areas ..