DOX Garage was born from the observation that documentaries often find themselves at a crossroads at certain critical moments.

Identifying the specific obstacles and problems that are obstructing the completion of the film is an essential starting point to access this program. DOX Garage provides an extensive toolkit to ensure that film projects survive the many challenges encountered during the filmmaking process and enables participants to creatively think on how to overcome the obstacles hindering the advancement of the film project.

The program is designed to provide a tailor-made advice or practical reflection to support and facilitate the eventual finalization of projects. Recipients are matched with seasoned professionals for a number of consultancy hours, either online or in person.


This section of DOX Garage relocates around the world to physically bring the ‘tool box’  to film festivals and conventions. There, DOX BOX staff and assigned consultants share their knowledge, diagnose problems on location and identify the appropriate professionals necessary to assist each individual project. 

The consultancies cover absolutely any and every aspect that can hinder the advancement of a film and offers further networking opportunities.

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