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Most frequent questions and answers

We built the portal to host and service professionals working within the field of documentary film. The membership gives access to films and documents which are copyright-protected and are not meant for public or non-professional use.  To ensure the quality of the content and service we are able to bring to our members, only professionals working within the field of documentary film are accepted as members.

Film professionals from the Arab/African region who are over the age of 20 can apply to become members of the DOX BOX community. An eligible applicant doesn’t have the right to membership. Due to limited capacity, a selection committee will review applications and make decisions on who to grant the limited annual memberships. 

Membership is personal and cannot be transferred.  Each member will be assigned one unique access. Their personal data is linked to their account.
Giving access to another person would result in immediate suspension of membership.

For the selection committee to be able to weigh applications, you will be expected to provide standard personal information such as name, country of residence and further information with regards to your career, profession and specialization. Please refer to the application form for the necessary information.


You can re-apply for a membership if you meet the eligibility and regulations during the next application period. Please get in touch with us via the contact form if you require further clarification.


Members have access to all published online resources on the community portal. In the case of events and support programs or other special programs which have specific and individual requirements or that might be limited to a certain number of participants, a member needs to apply through an application process. If this is the case, relevant information will be announced clearly.

Memberships are annual and have to be renewed.


A selection committee shall be assembled to review all applications. DOX BOX reserves the right to invite or accept additional members.


Currently the membership is free.


Fees, if applicable, should be paid as instructed within 30 days.
Further details will be sent via email after completion of the application process.

You can cancel the membership at any time by directly contacting the community moderator. They will arrange the proper cancellation process.

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