DOX BOX team 2017


a list of current vacancies and job opportunities in the association.

Operation and Size

DOX BOX is a Berlin-based support association for documentary filmmaking in the Arab World. Our programs focus on strengthening and empowering directors, producers and editors. This includes film editing residency, consultancies and online tutoring, film-pedagogic video production, research and publications, and major industry events management and meaningful networking activities.

Our mission is to support the emergence of a prosperous documentary film community while promoting the values and principles of justice, dignity, and human rights.

As a registered association in Berlin, DOX BOX is governed by German laws, and a general assembly of 15 international members, who is represented by a board of 3-4 co-chairs from the General Assembly. The operations run with six figure budget with funding thanks to German and International public grants and international philanthropies (more on our website). The full- and part-time staff range from 4-8 employees depending on the implementation plan. Implementation takes place mainly in Germany, Europe and the Arab World.

There are currently no vacancies offered by the association.