Dox in Exile

A one-time event made in collaboration with Goethe Institute Germany in the frame-work of Goethe Institut Damaskus im Exile

In collaboration with Goethe Institute in Germany, and on the occasion of running the fortnight of Goethe Damaskus im Exile in Berlin, DOX BOX hosts a session entitled “Dox in Exile” on Sunday October 30th, 2016.

Dox in Exile presented an occasion for filmmakers in exile in Berlin to gather and discuss their careers and challenges in Germany.

Documentary filmmakers in exile often have many questions about their work in Germany. The search for answers and funding can be extremely frustrating and often presents an obstacle to professional productions. This event provides an introduction to the German documentary film sector and looks at the most important questions on this topic. Four experts explain exactly how the sector functions and provide their own useful tips and advice in small groups.

  • Starting out as filmmaker in Germany, Editing, Funding LandscapesEditing: I have a hard disk of rushes, where and with whom can I edit – Karoline Schulz & Sebastian Heidinger, Freelance editors
  • Distribution & Festivals: A first insight – Grit Lemke, Head of Film Program, DOK Leipzig
  • Funding Landscapes: Tips by an experienced German doc producer – Edda Baumann-von Broen, Producer, avanti media+ GmbH
  • Starting out as filmmaker in Germany – An experience report: Ekrem Heydo, Filmmaker

Karoline Schulz & Sebastian Heidinger (t.b.c.), Freelance editors
Grit Lemke, Head of Film Program, DOK Leipzig
Edda Baumann-von Broen, Producer, avanti media+ GmbH
Ekrem Heydo, Filmmaker

LocationRosa-Luxemburg-Straße 16, 10178 Berlin
Date: Sun, 30.10.2016 from Language: English/Arabic
Price: Free admission

The workshop is for documentary filmmakers, producers and editors from the Arab world with previous experience.

Places are limited so we do request that you make a binding registration by 26 October 2016.

To help the experts better prepare, we ask that interested filmmakers write a few words about themselves and about one completed or ongoing project.

Workshop by registration only: 
Registration is no longer possible.