Documentary Convention

2nd edition 15-17 April 2019 in Leipzig

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Created by DOX BOX in partnership with the Arab Fund For Arts and Culture (AFAC), the Documentary Convention is an annual international convening of documentary professionals, artists & decision-makers from the Arab region, Africa, Europe and from around the globe.

Doc Convention 2020 will be designed as inspirational think-tank event that invites participants to brainstorm and aims at formulating and addressing the big questions ahead in documentary in a shifting audiovisual space. What is the nature of this space and where is it going, and how do we ensure that we are fit for and participants in the changes ahead and ready to occupy and shape our space inside of them?
Doc Convention 2020 is a rare space of collective reflection on how to break entrenched formats and to come up with innovative solutions for existing challenges. It aims at strengthening an translocal community of doc artists across borders, to ignite critical debate and initiate lasting change processes.
Doc Convention 2020 invites its participants from the Arab region, Africa and from around the world to critically engage into a forward looking vision. It will host around 100 active participants which are all part of the think-tank and brainstorming activities without hierarchies and limitations.
After two successful editions in 2018 and 2019 in Leipzig, Doc Convention 2020 will take place from 7-9 April, 2020 in at the Berliner Union Film Ateliers (BUFA).

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DOX BOX e.V. and AFAC (The Arab Fund for Arts & Culture) have joined forces and partnered for the creation of the first edition of the Documentary Convention.
DOX BOX Association

A non-profit organization established in Berlin, Germany in 2014, emerged out of the DOX BOX International Film Festival in Syria, established in 2008. The Association was created with the overriding mandate to support the emergence and development of documentary films and filmmaking in the Arab World while promoting the values and principles of justice, dignity, and human rights.

DOX BOX offers non-conventional support to documentary filmmakers and activists in the Arab world including editing residency, e-learning courses, publications and studies, networking opportunities and other forms of financial and educational support.

The mission of DOX BOX is to empower the emergence of a prosperous documentary film community from and in the Arab world.

The Arab Fund for Arts & Culture (AFAC)

Established in 2007 by local cultural lobbyists as an independent initiative that funds individuals and organizations in the fields of cinema, performing arts, literature, music and visual arts while facilitating cultural exchange, research and cooperation across the Arab world and globally.

The measurable impact of AFAC’s work ranges from Arab filmmakers screening their films at international film festivals; to translations of foreign contemporary literature into Arabic, distributed for free on the Internet; to archives that collect, document and preserve images of daily life during better times, in conflict-torn countries like Lebanon and Iraq; to workshops that teach children to weave stories through puppetry and animation; to sharing contemporary narratives from the region with the global public.

Our grantees’ work has been reviewed in the local and international press; they have been invited to participate in high-profile festivals, artist exchanges and residencies, and have, in turn, inspired hundreds of others to pursue artistic endeavors through workshops and trainings. Despite these successes and a measure of international recognition, AFAC awardees have overwhelmingly continued to work within the region and focus their cultural production on a local context.

We are proud to have gathered an aortic artery of international major associated partners including:

The International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film is the largest German and one of the leading international festivals for artistic documentary and animated film as well as interactive storytelling.

Founded in 1955 DOK Leipzig is the oldest documentary festival in the world, but from its first edition on animated films were part of the programme which today extends into crossmedia art. This makes Leipzig unique in the international festival landscape as well as its strict attention to artistic quality. The artistic approach is essential for the selection of multilayered works that reflect reality in its complexity and with radical subjectivity. The programme includes international competitions for long and short documentary and animated films as well as for animated documentary, for German documentaries and the Next Masters Competition. There are numerous special programmes like the regional focus, a rich historical retrospective, a homage to a master and many more.

As a place where during the Cold War and throughout its long history filmmakers from East and West as well as those from Africa, Asia and Latin America could meet and exchange DOK Leipzig up to now celebrates geographic and artistic diversity. Today, DOK Leipzig has grown into an international centre of competence for documentary and animated film that is active throughout the year. Read more.


The IDFA Bertha Fund is designed to stimulate and empower the creative documentary sector in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe by supporting innovative documentary projects by talented filmmakers from these regions. The Fund provides development, production and distribution grants through two funding schemes. Filmmakers from and living in the mentioned regions can apply for IBF Classic. European co-producers of documentaries from these regions can apply for IBF Europe.In addition to financing, the Fund offers filmmakers tailor made consultancies and training programs to support them in their creative and production process. Additionally, filmmakers are invited to participate in the different industry events that IDFA has to offer and broaden their international network and knowledge of the documentary industry. Read more | Informations en Français
IDA – International Documentary Association

International Documentary Association (IDA) is dedicated to building and serving the needs of a thriving documentary culture.Through its programs, the IDA provides resources, creates community, and defends rights and freedoms for documentary artists, activists, and journalists. The IDA offers a wide range of opportunities for documentarians to grow professionally and through itsfiscal sponsorship and grant programs awards more than $1 million annually. From free speech to fair use to government funding for the arts, the IDA is at the forefront of major issues confronting documentary artists, activists and journalists. Through its prestigious IDA Documentary Awards, as well as itsScreening Series andDocuDay, the organization honors and promotes the world’s best documentary filmmaking. Read more.