An editing artistic residency in Berlin hosting documentary filmmakers at critical stage of their editing.

Documentary filmmaking is challenging, especially for filmmakers taking the daring initiative to film independently or those who approach audacious topics. The roadblocks faced by documentary directors and producers often lead to a compromise in their artistic propositions.. Unfortunately it has become commonplace for many documentary filmmakers to forego the time needed to properly discover, research  and develop their points-of-view and voices as storytellers.  The funding restrictions entail shorter development and editing phases that often reflect on the film.  This can only be avoided by providing adequate time , space and resources for the filmmakers to find their own  voices.

 Specifically targeting and responding to the challenges faced by filmmakers in the stages of development and editing, The DOX BOX FUND is established to help at these crucial moments when creativity is stifled and the integrity of a film project could be compromised. The extended residency extracts the creatives from the distractions of everyday life and provides them with the space to focus on their work.

The RESIDENCY is not only a technical and financial opportunity, as it offers participants a safe, enlightening and professional environment in which to reach best decisions in the editing of their films. It is  also coupled with consultancy sessions that are required / requested by the granted filmmakers.


  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Syria
  • Tunisia
  • Iraq
  • Male
  • Female