how and why we are who we are

Established in Berlin 2014

DOX BOX is a non-profit organization established in Berlin, Germany and emerges out of the International Documentary Film Festival which was established in 2007 in Syria carrying the same title.


The Festival 2007 – 2011 | Damascus

the DOX BOX International Documentary Film Festival was inaugurated in Syria in 2008 under the auspices of Proaction Film, a Syrian independent film production and distribution company. The festival fast became the largest and most important documentary film festival in the Arab World bringing the public back to the cinemas in record numbers.

The festival was renowned for the high quality of its film selection, free admission to all screenings, public debates and Q&A sessions with directors and producers. Screenings took place in various cities throughout Syria where audiences could directly participate by voting for their favorite films, making it a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive, community cultural event.

For industry guests, the festival created a number of professional career-advancing and capacity-building activities. The Campus became a pitching forum for Arab World documentary films in development. Takween offered a chance for both emerging professional, as well as amateur, filmmakers to network. Tabadol was an event for further networking with organized, intimate exchanges between filmmakers and regional and international professionals. Each year, the festival hosted over 100 industry guests to participate in this vibrant and multifaceted program.

Act of Solidarity with the Syrian People | Global Day 2012

Because of the political and economic situation in Syria, the festival was not able to have an edition in 2012. Instead, the team created DOX BOX Global Day for Syria, a worldwide event that meant to speak in direct opposition to the violations of human rights and the unjustified and excessive use of power against Syrian civilians and activists by Syrian authorities. DOX BOX Global Day took place on the very same day of the anniversary of the final closing ceremony of the festival in 2011. Global Day was made possible with the collaboration and partnership of international documentary and human rights film festivals in 38 cities around the globe.

Act of Solidarity with Citizen Journalists | Global Day 2013

In 2013, the team produced a second Global Day for Syria, creating a documentary series of six videos in homage to the brave citizen journalists of the country. It was called Citizen With a Movie Camera, and was re-screened globally in cinemas, as well as on the Web. You can watch selections from Citizen with a Movie Camera online here.

The Association | Berlin 2014

8 co-founders met in Germany in Berlin during the summer of 2014, and announced the establishment of DOX BOX e.V. as a non-profit organization aiming at building and empowering a documentary film community with focus on the Arab World.