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ABC Germany provides an introduction to the German documentary film sector and is directed towards new arrivals among documentary film practitioners from the Arab world. The course is tailored for those who wish to understand the practical, financial, and legal systems in Germany – and how they can effectively pursue their career goals here.


Applications for this e-course in 2018 will be announced mid-term.


The e-course will take place over an intensive period of 5 full-day webinars followed and concluded with a three day study tour designed to offer participants first-hand experience in different aspects of the German documentary film industry. This e-course will be offered only once.







In 2017, ORWA NYRABIA was the main mentor and facilitator assisted by Anastasia Levy.

ORWA NYRABIA is an award-winning documentary producer. 

Before dedicating his career to documentary cinema, Orwa Nyrabia studied acting in Damascus, worked as a journalist for the Arab world’s leading newspapers, while at same time working as an actor. He played the main role in La Porte du Soleil by Yusri Nassrallah (Cannes Official Selection 2004). Orwa co-founded Proaction Film in Damascus, Syria, in 2002, and later the creative documentary film festival DOX BOX. He co-founded No Nation Films in Germany, where he continues to produce art-house documentaries. Orwa’s work as a creative producer of documentary films has been internationally awarded and highlighted by leading media outlets, including CBS 60Min, New York Times and Le Monde, among others. Recent award-winning films that he produced include Silvered Water (Cannes 2014) and Return to Homs (IDFA 2013, SUNDANCE 2014). In addition to producing, Orwa regularly serves on juries of various film funds, including the IDFA Bertha Fund, AFAC, and the Doha Film Institute Fund. Furthermore, he works as an advisor and tutor for documentary film projects for IDFA Academy, South Africa’s Encounters, Qatar’s Qumra, and the Balkan Documentary Center. Orwa is a member of the AMPAS, Deutsche Filmakademie, EDN, and IDA.


Applicants wishing to join this e-course should expect an in-depth and informative program about the filmmaking rules and practices in Germany and within the German film industry.

The e-course consists of 3 modules as follows:

  • Webinars: participants will attend a 5 full-day program of online sessions presented by specialists and professionals working in Germany. In addition to being provided explanations, participants will also be presented with case studies. The Webinars will touch upon the following areas:
  • • Introduction to the German film industry • Legal aspects of crew, on-set and production management • Understanding the German federal system • Film funding and subsidies in Germany • Film distribution and sales in Germany and Europe

* Some material presented during the webinars will only be available in German or English.


Assignment: participants are each requested to hand in a note (in video or in text) in Arabic, German or English on one specific area of discussion that interest them. Topics and focus of these notes can be agreed upon with a mentor.

  • Study Tour: selected participants who have successfully attended all the webinars and handed in successful notes are invited to attend a 3 full-day study tour in Germany shortly following the conclusion of the webinars. The study-tour costs are covered. (please see FAQs for complete details).

* The study tour will only be awarded to participants who reside in Germany




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