The Association is run by a small team of dedicated professionals coming from various cultural backgrounds, overseen by a Board that is elected by a General Assembly (GA). The GA is the highest decision-making body of DOX BOX. It consists of internationally renowned members who specialize in documentary filmmaking, event and cultural management, finance, communication, politics and activism. International Steering Committees support and advise our managers in their work.




Diana El Jeiroudi

  1. General Director | General Assembly

    Diana is a co-founder of DOX BOX and is the General Director since 2014. Diana is a documentary director and producer for several international documentaries. She was the co-founder and director of the production company Proaction Film in Syria from 2002 – 2014 and the co-founder of the DOX BOX International Documentary Film Festival in Syria where she also headed the festival’s industry section from 2007 – 2011.


Marion Schmidt

  1. Engagement & Outreach Manager | General Assembly

    Marion is a co-founder of DOX BOX and was mainly responsible for administration and runs the outreach and engagement of the association such as networking aiming at the development of documentary film community.   Marion is an experienced project manager and arts administrator who has worked in various areas across Europe and the Middle East. She holds a Master’s degree in Arts Administration & Cultural Policy from the University of London, UK.


Guevara Namer

  1. Community Moderator | General Assembly

    Guevara is a co-founder of DOX BOX where she contributed in the inspection of the Academy and other services till 2016 when she took on running the Community membership and moderation.  Her previous experience is documentary film productions and in capacity-building in Syria and across the MENA region, she ran the Documentary Campus of DOX BOX international Film Festival for 3 years. Guevara is a certified photographer of Damascus Applied Arts Institute and a graduate of Drama Studies from the Higher Institute Dramatic Arts in Damascus.


Claudia Jubeh

  1. Film Library Coordinator

    Claudia is one of the coordinators responsible for acquiring documentary films for DOX BOX online platform (Community). Claudia has been working in various fields of documentary film production and distribution since 2008 and is a co-founder of ALFILM – Arab Film Festival Berlin where she’s .responsible for programming and cooperation. She hold a Master’s degree in film studies, philosophy and Arabic from Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany.


Mai El-Gammal

  1. Residency Coordinator

    Mai coordinates the Residency since inception. She has a Masters’ Degree in cultural management of new media and cultural studies exploring the intersections between business, society and the third sector. Mai previous work was in various positions in the cultural sector in  Egypt.


Anastasia Levy

  1. E-Course Coordinator

    Anastasia is one of the coordinators to run the E-Courses since inception . She holds a Bachelor Degree in International Public Law from University of Sorbonne in Paris and a Masters’ Degree in Journalism from the University Centre for Journalism Education in Strasburg. Next to her work in DOX BOX, Anastasia continues to work as a freelance cultural writer in Berlin since 2010 and she hosts a movie night at the a cine-club.




Mari Boman

  1. Administration Assistant

    Mari is the administration assistant responsible for office management and organisation. Mari’s previous work experience was mainly in in human resources and events management in NGOs in Berlin and Hong Kong as well as in the recruitment and the hospitality sector.  Mari holds a combined Bachelor degree in Photography and Human Rights from the University of Roehampton in London and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Umea University in Sweden.