The RESIDENCY MENA Fund is the inaugural financial support scheme launched by DOX BOX. Its aim is to support sociopolitically-engaged documentary films reliant on the recontextualization of pre-existing audiovisual footage stemming primarily from citizen journalist and video activist material.

For the 2016 Summer Cycle, here we share the statistics.

The Assessment of applications:

  • 3 applications were submitted: from Jordan (1), Iraq (1) and Sudan (1).
  • All applications were made in the last 5 days before the deadline.
  • 2 applications were submitted in Arabic and 1 in English. No applications were in Tamazight, Kurdish, or German.
  • Two of the applicants are between the ages of thirty and thirty-nine and one applicant is between the ages of Forty and Forty-nine
  • All applicants fall in the category of first-time and second-time filmmakers both from  cinematic and journalistic approaches.
  • All applications were submitted by the directors of the projects.
  • 2 applications were made by female and 1 by a male applicant.
  • Applications were made for 2 short documentaries, and 1 mid-length documentary.
  • None of the projects has a producer or a co-producer attached.
  • 1 project has secured funding prior to applying to The RESIDENCY.
  • All applicants applied without an editor.
  • Subjects address themes such as: education, political and social change، women’s rights.

Selection Decision:

  • All three applications submitted failed to fully comply with the basic eligibility criteria set out for this Residency program (published on website), either in terms of the development stage of their rough cut or the basic criteria of using archival and third-party material as integral part of the narrative.
  • As a result no project was selected to participate in this Residency cycle.

To read the eligibility criteria and learn more from the Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the dedicated section on our website.

Application for the Fall Cycle is now open from 1-31 May 2016

We want to encourage a broader spectrum of applicants from the Arab World to apply, this is why for this cycle we give priority to eligible projects presented by documentarians and video activists from Algeria, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Yemen but we still welcome eligible projects from other Arab countries.