The 8th cycle of The RESIDENCY (Fall 2017) application started on the 1st of May, 2017 and the deadline of which was 20th of May 2017.

Initial assessment:

  • 5 applications were received from from 2 Arab countries as follows: Egypt (4), Libya (1)
  • All applications were received in English. No applications were in Arabic, Tamazight, Kurdish, or German
  • 38% of the applicants are between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine, 37% between the ages of forty and forty-nine, and 25% of the applicants were above the age of fifty.
  • 85% of applicants are directors with previous experience and 25% of applicants are first-time directors
  • All applications were submitted by the directors of the projects
  • Gender split was 37% female applicants and 63% males.  
  • 60% of the applications were made for feature length documentaries, while 20% were made for mid-length documentaries and 20% were made for a short film.
  • 80% of the projects have a producer or a co-producer, or both, attached
  • 20% projects have secured funding prior to applying
  • Average length of audiovisual material submitted per project is 90 minutes
  • 80% of applicants consisted of teams with 2 (either a director and editor or 2 co-directors). While 20% of applicants were a director requesting to be appointed with an editor by DOX BOX
  • Subjects addressed themes such as: self expression; political symbolism; and exile.

Final assessment of applications:

  • All projects were eligible and were forwarded to the Selection Committee
  • The Selection Committee consisted of Anders østergaard from Denmark (Filmmaker), Rula Nasser from Jordan (producer), and Jihan Tahri from Egypt (Filmmaker).
  • The following projects was granted The RESIDENCY cycle of Fall of 2017:
    • Where did Ramses Go | Amr Baioumy and Doaa Fathy | Egypt | 75 min
    • The Colonel’s Stray Dogs | Khalid Shamis | Libya, The UK and South Africa | 72 min