WHY RIGHTS MATTER is the first online course launched by DOX BOX as an introduction to the rights associated with producing and distributing documentary films.

The application process started on August, 3rd, and closed on August, 28th 2016.

Initial assessment:

  • 14 applications were submitted from Morocco (6), Egypt (4) Tunisia (2), Iraq (1), and Syria (1)
  • 70% of the applications were received on the last week before the deadline
  • 54% of the applications were made in Arabic, the rest were made in English.
  • 70% of the applicants were made by applicants in the age bracket 30 – 39 years, 15% over 40 years, and 15% between 25 – 29 years.
  • The gender split of applicants is 54% of females and 46% of males.
  • 31% of applicants have a background in doc media and activism, and 31% are film producers, while the rest come from doc facilitation, promotion and capacity-building.

Final assessment of applications:

  • All applications were examined by the Selection Committee
  • 1 application was disregarded from selection due to ineligibility.
  • The Selection Committee consisted of film producer and the instructor of the e-course  Benjamin Cölle, filmmaker and General Director of DOX BOX Diana El Jeiroudi, and the e-course facilitator and coordinator Anastasia Levy.
  • The committee thoroughly reviewed the merits of each application and selected twelve applicants to participate in the e-course.
  • The finalists were separated in two groups, to each follow a course with a different mentor.
  • While Benjamin Cölle mentored one group of six participants, German producer and filmmaker Edda Baumann Von Broen mentored the second group.

All of the participants, when notified they were selected, confirmed but one.