A series of e-learning modules are offered by DOX BOX. The are an advanced digital solution which offer possibilities to address the most pressing needs and particular knowledge gaps among documentarians, across the Arab world with particular focus on creative skills, producing and the distribution and circulation of docs.

For each e-course offered, participants are selected through an application process. The general process is explained in details in the tabs below (Curricula, Process, Frequently Asked Questions and, the Application Form).

While some of the e-courses are designed to update the knowledge of independent documentary film artists in order to develop their creative skills, other courses are targeted to producers, distributors, and those building initiatives in and with documentary film; expanding their knowledge and sharpening their professional tools..   

Each e-course addresses a specific topic and a certain level of experience, and thus targets very specific participants. We ask you to check the below individual Eligibility Criteria for each e-course.

Different areas of documentary filmmaking will be covered during the next two years. These include legal issues, creative aspects, production-relate, distribution and dissemination.  

The two first and upcoming E-courses are:

  • WHY RIGHTS MATTER: An Introduction to legal aspects and best practices in documentary audiovisual rights.
  • MY FILM IS ABOUT: Developing your film treatment, synopsis, budget and trailer. 


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Each e-course has a unique format as an online learning module. Most of the e-courses presented in 2016 and 2017 and facilitated by a mentor who provides instruction, mentorship, and suggestions for further reading and viewing. The mentor thus ensures that participants benefit from an array of inspiration and knowledge, and stimulates effective and positive student contributions. In addition, some of the e-courses will include a module for further consolidation of skills and knowledge, e.g. through internships and study tours.

Each of our e-courses consist of 2 modules:

  1. The Study: led by an experienced instructor who will mentor participants over weekly webinars (ranging from 6 – 8 weeks).
  2. The Assignment: each participant has to deliver a written assignment devised by instructor during the Study.

For some e-courses we will present a third module, which is The Placement.

The Placement, when offered as a third module, will be presented to a selected number of distinguished participants who will either be hosted for an unconventional and facilitated study-tour over a week in Berlin, an internship over months, or a workshop in Germany or elsewhere. When presented, a number of scholarships will be granted to participants in The Placement.

  • WHY RIGHTS MATTER: An Introduction to legal aspects and best practices in documentary audiovisual rights.
  • DOC FREE ZONE : Subject-based documentary films, from concept to screen.



  1. Read all information published on the website
  2. Make sure you are eligible and you are applying to the e-course that meets your needs and expectations
  3. Download the application form. The form is available in Arabic and English.
  4. Complete the application form, and make sure you sign it as instructed
  5. Send the application form before the deadline
  6. Rejected applicants have the chance to re-apply to The Course, if their rejection was not based on eligibility
  7. Only complete applications will be processed.
  8. Applicants will receive a confirmation letter. (In case you did not receive a confirmation, please contact us at e-course-1@dox-box.org
  9. You might be requested to submit further documents and data if necessary, such as a valid passport, scan of proof of current work, and photo, among other things. You might also have to answer further questions or clarify details.

* Complete applications should be received before the announced deadlines and only during the open cycle of application. No application is possible outside the application cycle.


  1. Incomplete applications will not be considered
  2. Applicants who do not satisfy the eligibility criteria will not be considered
  3. The selection decision is made internally and based on merits and background of applicants
  4. The selection will be be based on the potential benefit a participant will get into their current or future work/research.
  5. The selection process is maximised to provide equal opportunity for applicants from any gender, ethnicity, nationality or even political and artistic orientation.    
  6. DOX BOX thrives to extend its support to all the MENA region with a geographical representation, however, the selection is not predominantly based on such ground.
  7. Selection favours a diverse spectrum of disciplines, MENA countries, and generations as it enriches the experience of all participants. Selection will take this into consideration.
  8. DOX BOX reserves the right to have a specific focus in each cycle (such as targeting women, a country or a discipline by name). Such a focus will be announced clearly.
  9. Accepted participants who have mobility restrictions and cannot join the Placement will still be accepted to the course, but have to understand the  need to waive the right to participate in a study-tour.  
  10. A maximum of 10 participants will be selected.
  11. Priority is given to practitioners or writers or researchers with a socio-political commitment in documentary making.
  12. Applicants are informed of their application status (not eligible – rejected – considered in the long-list – short-list) within 2 weeks of the application deadline.  
  13. Applicants will be notified and all results will be published as indicated on our websites
  14. You should write an email to the e-course coordinator requesting information if you haven’t received anything after the mentioned dates
  15. Accepted applicants will be requested to send a written participation confirmation letter. If they fail to do so within the given deadline, their seat will be awarded to the next on the short-list
  16. DOX BOX will assist in visa procedures but cannot guarantee or be held responsible with regards to the granting of a visa.

Awarding of Scholarship

  1. Scholarships are awarded on merits
  2. The numbers of scholarships to be presented depends on the financial means DOX BOX is able to raise, or the restrictions of the granting bodies
  3. DOX BOX reserves the right to adjust, modify or combine criteria with additional ones when available funds or new partnerships occurs.

Important Disclaimers

  1. Participants are requested to confirm their agreement and consent to DOX BOX non-disclosure agreement in writing (provided to them upon participation)
  2. Participants accept and agree to adhere to the intellectual property laws for using the e-course material and refrain from any illegal file sharing, streaming, downloading or manipulation of material or sharing with other parties
  3. Participants agree to grant DOX BOX the right to edit, make use, publish, translate and republish their contribution during the course (such as contribution, documentations, productions) for educational purpose, collaborations and further research in full or in part
  4. In restricted cases, when presented with legal information leading to reasons around personal safety/integrity, DOX BOX shall allow necessary anonymous participation, only upon the unanimous acceptance of the rest of participants


Who is eligible for the COURSE?
Am I eligible if I am working in the Arab world region but not from any of the countries?

Which nationalities are eligible?
Can international documentary artists/activists who work in the region apply?



I have never made a documentary film before nor have I taken part in any film or documentary relevant group or association. Can I apply?
I don’t have a project. Shall I apply with a project?
I am a documentary film activist but under the eligible age. Can I still apply?
What are the topics considered to be (sociopolitical)?

When can I apply?
I applied and was rejected. Can I re-apply for the same e-course for subsequent cycles?
I participated in an e-course. May I reapply with a another e-course?
I am not a DOX BOX COMMUNITY member. Am I eligible to apply?
Is there an application fee?


If I am accepted to participate in an e-course, what are the terms of the contract?
How many participants are joining the e-course?
Is it a mandatory to communicate in English and Arabic during the e-course?
Which technology do I need to have?
How will I make sure I have the right technical setup to follow up with The Study (webinars)?
Can I skip a module but still participate in the others?
Is there a pre-fixed dates for the complete program of the e-course?
Is there a fixed scheduled for the Study (Webinars) module?
Can I access the content of the e-course any time?
Is there a participation fee?


Which topic should I prepare for the Assignment?
Can I provide an Assignment in text or video?
What are the Assignment criteria?
Why do I need to commit to submitting the Assignment?
What is a notable assignment?


Do I have to hold a Schengen visa to participate in the Placement/Study Tour?
How can one get a full scholarship?
I did not participate in an e-course but would like to apply to the Placement, is it possible?
I don’t have a Visa to Germany, am I still eligible?
I was granted a Placement, but the visa was not issued in time?
I am a participant but I was not granted the Placement, can I still come on my own expense?
I don’t have a valid passport, am I still eligible to apply?


Is there a certification for my participation in the e-Course?
Can I earn the certificate only if I attend one module?

check the new E-course Doc Free Zone page to red more & apply