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NEW : DOX BOX is seeking to work with freelance simultaneous and consecutive translators.

  1. Jobs & Opportunities

    Thank you for your interest in working for DOX BOX.

    DOX BOX is seeking to work with freelance simultaneous and consecutive translators. 

    DOX BOX is looking for a competent Arabic-English / English-Arabic simultaneous and consecutive translator for the e-learning schemes we offer.

    Each e-course takes place over 6-8 weeks and consists of 2 webinars per week on average. Each webinar is approximately 2 hours and is delivered via video-conference. The mentor is English-speaking and participants all Arabic-speaking.

    Successful candidates should have a proficient command of English and Arabic, good knowledge of film lingua. You also need to be based in Berlin to deliver the service from our office. Preferably, you have a comprehension of audiovisual legal terms.

    Successful candidates need to be professionally reliable and punctual, prepare for the sessions in advance by watching the video material and according to the schedule of the webinars.

    This could also be interesting for people with advanced language skills working in film.

    Successful candidates will be contracted as freelancers or on project basis (no employment). Maximum contract is 8 weeks for 18 hours to 28 hours.

    Interested? Please write us an email in English to no later than 10 May 2017, stating a short bio, CV and motivation letter and the expected rate per hour including taxes. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
    We look forwards receiving your application.

  2. Volunteer

    DOX BOX has a tradition of involving all generations to help advance documentary cinema culture. We currently have several opportunities and activities to which volunteers can lend a hand. Have a look here about working with DOX BOX in our Berlin office – as well as opportunities to work with us remotely from anywhere you happen to be.

    We are looking for committed people who are able to assist us in collecting data, copy editing, translating (in Arabic, English, Kurdish, and Berber), as well as an individual to assist with administrative work in our Berlin office.

    Working hours for all positions is 5 hours per week for a minimum of 6 weeks.

    Interested? Get in touch and send a message to

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    Six times a year, DOX BOX will issue a free newsletter to our members. It will also be circulated amongst our stakeholders, partners and other interested organisations and individuals working on documentary projects in the Arab World. As well, it will be available to other related affiliations such as the regional and international media sector, human rights organisations, citizen journalists, among others.

    The newsletter will feature pertinent and timely items about Arab World documentary films and filmmakers, links to useful articles, tips and master-classes on documentary filmmaking and citizen journalism.