Photo Mikael Opstrup

Mikael Opstrup

  1. Board Member | General Assembly

    Mikael is the Head of studies at European Documentary Network and film consultant. He has been a dedicated documentarist since his first 8mm piece in 1977. In the 1980s, Mikael worked in distribution and theatrical release for documentaries and has worked as a documentary producer since the 1990s. He was Production Adviser at The Danish Film Institute from 1998-2002, and from 2002 – 2008, he was  co-owner of Final Cut Productions in Copenhagen.


Vrej Boyajan

  1. Board Member | General Assembly

    Vrej is one of the founding members of the DOX BOX General Assembly. He specializes in financial affairs and institutional development with a background in the areas of investment and financial management in the Arab Gulf and the Levant. Vrej holds a Master’s degree in Financial and Investment Management from the Lebanese American University.


Andrea Kuhn

  1. Board Member | General Assembly

    Andrea is the director of the Nuremberg Human Rights Film Festival. Before heading up Nuremberg in 2007, she was the director of Stumm Film Musik Tage in Erlangen for 11 years (2000-2011) and Lecturer of Film Studies at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (2000-2006)


Hicham Falah

  1. Board Member | General Assembly

    Hicham is the Manager of FILMS DE PAPIER (filmmaker and producer); Artistic Director at FIFFS; and, Délégué Général at FIDADOC (International Film Festival of Agadir).  Hicham is from Casablanca and France, and studied cinematography at Paris-Sorbonne University’s  Louis Lumière College.


Ali Mahmoud

  1. Artwork Consultant | General Assembly

    Ali is one of the founding members of the DOX BOX General Assembly. He specializes in visual communications, has many years of experience in visual identity and brand design, and is the founder of Keybrand. Ali holds a Master’s degree in Retail Design & Branding from ELISAVA – Barcelona School of Design & Engineering.


Orwa Nyrabia

  1. General Assembly

    Orwa is one of the founding members of the DOX BOX General Assembly. He is a highly-acclaimed independent documentary film producer, who has earned numerous awards and screened projects in major international film festivals and on television channels around the world. He manages an independent production company in Berlin where he focuses on documentary films with sociopolitical relevance. Orwa holds a degree in Acting from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus, Syria.


Emma Davie

  1. General Assembly

    Emma is a filmmaker and consultant at the Scottish Documentary Institute. She has won many awards, including three Scotland BAFTAs in 2013. She has been making documentaries for fifteen years: What Age Can You Start Being An Artist? for Channel4 (2004, nominated for a Grierson);Gigha: Buying Our Island (2002, a one-hour film for BBC/Scottish Screen); and,Flight(2000, a BBC/Canadian co-production). With a background in experimental theatre and performance, Emma ran her own company called Clanjamfrie which did large-scale site-specific performances that combined film and live performance.


Matthias Sailer

  1. General Assembly

    Matthias is one of the founding members of the DOX BOX General Assembly. He is currently a Fellow in the Middle East and Africa division at the German Institute for International Affairs. A political scientist with a focus on the Middle East, Matthias has recently returned to Berlin from Cairo where he spent the last three years working as a freelance journalist.

i arrate

Isabel Arrate Fernandez

  1. General Assembly

    Isabel  is one of the founding members of the DOX BOX General Assembly and sits on the Board of Directors of the DOX BOX Association. She has been the manager of the IDFA Bertha Fund since 2002 where she has participated in numerous juries and works regularly as a consultant for documentary projects. In the past 15 years, the Fund has developed into an internationally renowned institution with a broad network supporting over 500 documentary projects and film organizations in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle-East and Latin America.



Taleb Moncef

  1. General Assembly

    Taleb is an independent filmmaker specializing in sound engineering. Since early 2000, he has worked as a sound recordist and engineer on several creative documentaries and author-driven fiction films, such as Sacrifices and We Were Still Communists. He is one of the founders of  ATAC Filmmaker Association in Tunisia and a filmmaking production collective in Tunisia.

Hala Galal

  1. General Assembly

    Egyptian filmmaker,contributed to and co-founded ​several initiatives that aims at supporting independent and alternative cinema, She co-founded “SEMAT​ Production and Distribution​”, which she has been managing since its inception. She was a jury member in numerous International, regional and local festivals, as well as was head of the “Caravan of the Euro-Arab Cinema​ Festival”​ and the “Masry Asly” festival.

Stephan Detjen

  1. General Assembly

    German journalist and chief correspondent of the Deutschlandradio in Berlin’s capital studio. From June 2008 until March 2012 he was the editor-in-chief of the Deutschlandfunks .  Detjen studied law and history and he is board member of Trustees for the Peace Prize, the German Book Trade, Trustees of the German Study Award and the German Media Prize. In the winter of 2015, Detjen took over an indefinite guarantee for the legal entry of a Syrian war refugee under the Syrian refugee initiative.