This page will be a constantly growing and expanding archive where you will have access to a myriad of resources around what we think documentary filmmakers, activists and citizen journalists should know and be aware of. This includes financial and production support sources and funds, networking opportunities, regional and international film festivals with submission deadline information, and other useful links to articles, other useful sites, etc. As part of the community, we also rely upon our members to contribute and help us update and add sources we’ve missed. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know!


  1. Advocacy organizations that support video journalists and activists

    A non-profit networked organization that defends the freedom to be informed and to inform others throughout the world.

    A worldwide movement of individuals and organizations that campaign on behalf of human rights abuses, working on behalf of the victims of violations. Their knowledge is based on extensive research using existing international laws regarding human rights. The organization is independent of any and all governmental entities and political ideologies.

    An organization dedicated to protecting the human rights of individuals and groups of individuals around the world, working in conjunction with victims and activists to bring offenders to justice, prevent discrimination, uphold political freedoms, and protect individuals and groups from inhumane conduct during wartime.

    A U.S.-based non-governmental organization that conducts research and promotes advocacy for the ideals of democracy, political freedom and human rights.

    The world’s largest organization of journalists first established in 1926, ICF was relaunched in 1946 and once again, in its present form, in 1952. Today, the Federation represents around 600,000 members in more than 100 countries.

  2. Financial support available to activists and citizen journalists with projects in development

    MTM promotes screenings of films on human rights in cinemas worldwide, offering modest grants to human rights film events in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, particularly in countries with limited resources and restricted freedom of the press.

    Grantees include groups, organizations, networks and other funding sources for women. They are led by, and work for, sexual and ethnic minorities, adolescent girls, transgender individuals, indigenous populations, low-income populations, single mothers, women with disabilities, migrant workers, sex workers, women living and working in remote rural communities, in both formal and informal sectors.

    This program assists young Arab creators of all disciplines under the age of 35. Their aim is to promote innovative works and forms of artistic expression that, through their circulation in theaters, concert halls, galleries and other cultural spaces in the Arab region, benefit artists, audiences and the society at large.

  3. Financial support available for Arab World documentary filmmakers

    Annually provides strategic financial support to cinematic feature documentaries from independent filmmakers globally, providing between one million to two millions dollars (US) of grant investment financing across all stages of film development, production, post-production, and strategic audience outreach and engagement.

    Supports documentary filmmakers and festivals in developing countries. The Fund’s goal is to stimulate local film cultures and turn the creative documentary film into a globally recognized art form.

    Aims to support filmmakers in storytelling, unlocking creative outlets, connecting regional and international talents and creating a sustainable film financing model in Qatar, UAE.

    A New York City-based company that offers adaptive financial and creative support to free the filmmaking process from systemic barriers and commercial pressures to make innovative work.

    AFAC envisions a thriving Arab arts and culture scene, one that is confident in its expression, openness to dialogue, accessible to all, and sustained locally by committed patrons.

    Offers documentary production grants to emerging and established talents in the region. Applicants are encouraged to produce films based on stories that are based on their own everyday realities. Priority is given to creative teams (directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, sound recordists, etc.) working together to realize their artistic visions and thereby contribute to strengthening independent filmmaking in the region.
    Currently stopped, for more updates visit SIB website.

    The development and post-production fund of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, SANAD provides filmmakers from the Arab World with substantial support from within the region towards the development or completion of narrative and documentary feature-length films.

  4. International & Arab World Film Markets

    International Film Markets

  5. Annual pitch forums for international documentary film co-financing and co-production
    • DOK Leipzig  |  takes place the end of October annually |
    • IDFA Docs for Sale & Forum  | takes place the end of November annually  |
    • Hot Docs | takes place the end of April annually  |
    • Dubai Film Market | takes place at the end of December annually   |
    • CPH:DOX Pitch Forum | takes place in med March annually |
  6. Training Workshops
    • For filmmakers with documentary projects in early stages of development who possess proficiency in English:
    • For producers with documentary projects in early stages of development who possess proficiency in English:
  7. Further Readings & Useful Links

    Online viewing services for documentary films: