The DOX BOX Community consists of documentary filmmakers and activists committed to telling stories around social and humane causes. All members will be able to gather via a virtual platform that will provide the means and ways to develop films in Arab countries, share and promote works that will be exposed to several different audiences regionally and internationally, with the overriding goal of leaving lasting impacts on society.

The platform includes a broad and diverse pool of regional support, i.e., an extensive documentary film library, technical glossaries, production and distribution models, as well as other types of support such as information on grants for development and finishing funds, accomplishment incentives and awards, and film promotion. The platform will also act as a stage for regional and international exposure. In addition, there will be access to the first and largest regional academic content resource addressing all aspects of documentary cinema. A unique feature of this platform is its multilingual approach – all materials will be available in Arabic, Kurdish, Tamazight, English and French.

Deadlines and specific membership requirements will be announced on this site in the coming months. 

Code of EthicsSubscription & MembershipBenefitsTerms & Conditions
  • Ensuring credibility and reliability with regards to all sources of supplied information in all forms, and the clarity of rights and the ability to provide advice and assistance from trustworthy specialists.
  • Respecting the right to privacy, in particular intellectual property rights and artistic rights to ensure that no aspect of work shall be violated either intentionally or unintentionally, providing the highest level of data protection; members, in turn, will put forth best efforts to learn about such issues.
  • Respecting all creative work, cultural and artistic differences, and focusing on individual experiences or specific schools by constantly enhancing technical references and expanding the circle of discovery.
  • Standing in solidarity with, and in support of, the protection of members in regards to defamation, arrest, or violation of intellectual property; in other words, remaining vigilant to any infringements on any and all members’ practices or freedoms, creative or otherwise.
  • Supporting an emerging generation of artists by encouraging and taking into account their contributions and suggestions and helping these individuals express themselves in representing their own communities.
  • Appreciating and encouraging a free-flowing exchange of experiences among professionals of various backgrounds, as well as encouraging the cooperation and exchange of experiences and tools between different generations and levels of experience in a fashion dedicated to the accumulation of collective education and knowledge.
  • Respecting principles of membership in regards to never being subjugated to harm, slander, false accusation, or violation of intellectual property rights.

Membership is free – however, it is discretionary.

There is a pre-registration procedure, the goals of which are to provide strict data protection and protection of members’ intellectual, artistic, legal and personal rights. The purpose of this vetting process is to eliminate any doubts and fears in regards to security, as well as establishing a dynamic community of documentary filmmakers founded on principles of trust, active participation, cooperation, respect for specialization, and professionalism.

After submitting an application for membership, the Advisory Committee will review and verify all information provided, as well as verifying the stated level of expertise and experience, thus providing each potential member with the appropriate membership privileges within The Community. There is the possibility that an application will be rejected if the Committee has any doubts or concerns regarding the validity or accuracy of the information provided in the application.

Membership in this Community can open doors that will enable all members to exchange experiences, information, research approaches and methodologies in the arts and rules of documentary production, as well as enabling members to participate in drafting a charter for filmmakers in order to put pressure on governmental and legal entities to change existing laws that result in human rights abuses and violations in their countries and societies. 

Members will be able to do the following:

  • Create a personal page and professional profile
  • Create a page listing all film productions in which h/she has participated
  • Have access to documentary films from the extensive online library
  • Have access to academic content, such as technical glossaries, work models, online discussions and forums, and various research resources in regional and international cinema practices
  • Have access to online training courses
  • Apply for support programs that include technical advice, training, access to grants and funding information (access levels are determined by the Advisory Committee)
  • Participate in the nomination process of films for the Al-Amiralay Award, as well as being able to participate in selection and voting processes
  • Participate in the Association’s diverse activities around the world in workshops, film and video festivals, conferences, etcetera
  • Receive copies of DOX BOX periodicals and publications

Below is a summary of The Community’s terms and conditions:

  • The Advisory Committee will validate the accuracy of any and all legal information provided for each application
  • Members will be given individual codes determined by areas of focus and levels of professional expertise
  • Communications between members and with the administration shall be possible through the Community’s messaging option and/or contact information made available by members on their profile pages – all communications shall respect the code of ethics of the Community
  • Transition from one membership level to another shall be possible at the Advisory Committee’s discretion upon completion of scholarly or professional accomplishments; it is forbidden to create false or duplicate profiles with exceptions made only in the instance in regards to the personal safety and protection of a member making work in dangerous situations, or anyone requiring anonymity for their personal safety and that of their subjects
  • Membership grants the right to apply for special support programs by submitting an application after 90 days of active membership, the discretion of which is determined by a selection committee; in other words, membership does not automatically grant access to special support programs