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TAKWEEN Rules and Regulations

  • Applicants from all Arab countries are eligible regardless of their current country of residence.
  • Applicants should be at least of 20 of age.
  • Applicants should arrange that they are fully available for the Campus (2-7 March 2011) in case of participation.
  • Previous experience in film or television is required and priority will be given to applicants with previous experience in documentary film.
  • Application to the CAMPUS is only eligible with a documentary film project.
  • There is no fees for applying to the CAMPUS.
  • Full applications will not result in automatic acceptance
    Applications will be subject to selection procedures. 
    Only limited number of applications will be accepted.
  • Please keep all requested information and material ready before starting your online application, in case of technical errors.
  • Only full applications made before the announced deadline will be considered
  • Complete applications will be notified within 3 working days.  If such a notification is not received, it automatically means that the application was not received into our system.

Complete Applications

  • A complete online form

  • A Motivation Letter: exposing filmmaker's reasons for participating in the program.

  • A Letter of Recommendation: written by a film professional with whom the applicant has previously worked (can be skipped for established filmmakers and producers).

  • A digital scan of a valid passport (at least 6 months).  For Syrian nationals; a scan of the ID.

  • A digital personal photo

  • A CV





  • Registration is free of charge

  • Participation fees are 8000 SYP (approx. $175) per project/participant

  • Participation fees should be paid only after notification of acceptance and upon receiving an invoice

  • Registration fees should be paid within a maximum of 5 days of invoice receipt.  Failure to pay fees will result in cancelation of participation.

  • Registration fees are not re-fundable in the case of cancellation under any circumstances.

  • Mobility grants & scholarships are available according to available financing (Please check Support & Grants section)






Selection Procedures

  • Applications will be evaluated by an independent selection committee of film professionals.

  • Successful applicants automatically authorize DOX BOX to list their contact info & a brief about their projects in the DOX BOX Professional Guide and on the festival website.

  • The Selection Committee will base its decisions on the belief of applicants experience & merits of their projects. We urge applicants to help the evaluation committee by explaining their relationship with documentary.

  • The Selection Committee will be announced after the selection decisions.

  • All applicants are notified by results during February 2011






Support and Grants

  • Available Support on Registration Fees is as follows:

  1. -  50% Student Discount: A scan of a valid student ID should be attached in application.
  2. -  30% Local Discount for all Syrian residents.
  3. -  30% Organizational packages: applicants with a recommendation letter of their film &/or TV employer (being any profit or non-profit organization specializing in the fields of film or TV Production, Distribution, Broadcast, or Training).  Applicant should present a disclaimer from their employer that includes their position, specialization and responsibilities and the consent to give the applicant a vacation for purpose of attending DOX BOX Campus.
  4. -  Discounts cannot be combined. 

  • Available Grants:
  1. Mobility Grant: grant reimbursement of part or whole of transportation cost
  2. Accommodation Grant:  partial and full reimbursement
  3. A limited number of grants is available and will be granted according to available financing & application requirements & merits.
  4. Decisions are binding and will not be re-considered
  5. We would like to remind applicants of some of the mobility resources available as "Safar" (coming from Arab Countries) and "Roberto Shimta" (coming from Europe).
  6. Support to cover daily meals and transportation (available for all participants)

  7. Pick-up support is presented to all applicants arriving in Damascus Int'l Airport to and from Festival center

  8. Access to the daily mid-day Industry lunch,

  9. Full Access to dinners, networking activities, receptions, discussions, debates and other festival events.

  10. Free morning transportation from Festival Hotels to TAKWEEN

  • No grants are available for Participation fees


  • Grants are available for to all Nationals of the Arab World.




Guest Services

DOX BOX Campus offers to redirect our discounts by presenting the following services:
  • Airport pick-ups and visa services (Arrivals at Damascus International Airport only) free of charge.

  • Hotel Booking facilities (Bed & Breakfast) including the following packages:

-          3   stars hotel  (50-70$)  rate per night (flat rate single or double rooms)

-          4   stars hotel  (80-100$)  rate per night (flat rate single or double rooms)

-          4+ stars hotel  (125-150$)  rate per night (flat rate single or double rooms)

  • Applicants wishing to benefit of such services to book in festival hotels should tick the box during filling the online application form.

  • These services are optional

  • These services will only be available during applying for DOX BOX CAMPUS/TAKWEEN.  We will not be able to process any request after the deadline of the Campus is closed.

  • Reservations will be confirmed once the application is successful.

  • Unsuccessful applications will result in cancelation of hotel/visa & airport service booking

Proceed to Online Application Form is unable as the apply to TAKWEE is closed! Thank for all applicants.